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Understand You. Physiological Testing is the gateway to effective training and successful performance. 


Physiological Testing provides knowledge of your unique response to exercise and is an essential part of a human-centred approach:

  • Enabling individualised, science-informed training and performance support.

  • Empowering endurance athletes to train effectively, and deliver successful performance.

Your body's physiological response to running and cycling can be determined through either in-person testing in my high-spec Performance Lab in Brighton, or remotely using (validated) INSCYD performance analysis software, as fits your needs and circumstances. Regular testing enables progress tracking, adjustment of training and updating of performance guidance. 


If you train with power, using a STRYD power foot pod, profiles and zones can be identified in Watts or Watts/kg as well as pace.  


If you are unsure of which approach is right for you please get in touch and we can arrange a free 30min consultation..


Performance Lab Testing 

In my Performance Lab on the seafront in Brighton, science grade equipment is used to undertake controlled, accurate, validated and reliable physiological tests. 


Key determinants of success are determined from breath-by-breath gases measured using a metabolic cart and blood lactate measurements whilst exercising on a treadmill (for runners and triathletes) or cycle ergometer (for cyclists and triathletes).

This could include body composition, VO2max, oxygen kinetics, economy/efficiency, lactate profile and ventilatory thresholds, metabolic steady state, intensity domains, carbohydrate and fat utilisation.

Testing is available early morning, evenings and weekends.

One-off Price: £250 (multi-sport discount available) 


Remote Testing analysed with INSCYD

Using (validated) INSCYD performance analysis software, your energetic response to exercise can be determined wherever you are, whatever your schedule without having to come to my Performance Lab. 


Using data from just a power meter (cycling or running ) or GPS watch (running), with HR, from only 4 runs or rides (indoors or outdoors) of different duration, an accurate performance and metabolic profile can be determined.


The software estimates your VO2max, FatMax, lactate kinetics, metabolic steady state, carbohydrate and fat utilisation profiles, intensity domains and training zones.


This can be done at a location and time of your convenience and fit in with your specific circumstances. 

One-off Price: £150 (multi-sport discount available) 

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the test results opened my eyes to what had been going wrong previously, what I needed to improve and how to do it. AND I DID. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE.

EN, Sussex

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