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  • NRS24 ONLY - Run-Test-LAB-deposit

    Lab based physiological testing (when available) - DEPOSIT
    Valid for 3 months
    • Deposit secures lab testing when available (March 2023)
    • Balance to be paid prior to attending for tests
    • 2h lab based running physiological test
    • Pre-screening - blood pressure, lung function
    • Functional movement analysis
    • Body composition analysis (using bio-impedance method)
    • Submaximal test - lactate thresholds, ventilatory threshold
    • Economy and Metabolic profile
    • Maximal running test to determine VO2max
    • Physiological report inc training zones
    • Intensity as power (with Stryd only) and pace
    • 1h video-call post test for report and next steps
  • Run-Test-Rem-INSCYD

    Remote testing - GPS watch data analysed with INSCYD
    Valid for 2 months
    • 1h video call prior to test for needs analysis and test Q&A
    • Estimation of body composition (based on physical measures)
    • VO2max, VLAmax, lactate threshold, economy
    • lactate clearance and production profile
    • Substrate (carbohydrate and fat) utilisation profile
    • Physiological profile report inc training zones
    • Intensity as power (with Stryd) and pace
    • 1h follow-up video-call discuss report and next steps
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