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Science-informed, human-centred. 
Tailored to you. Prioritising your health and wellbeing.
Preparing you for your best performance 


No generic downloadable training plans. Take charge of your performance with training support to suit your needs and fit with your circumstances. Individualised based on your unique test outcomes and the demands of your event. Adapting and evolving with your life as you progress.  I want to help you learn about your body, to support and empower you as an athlete to make decisions about your training and to take control of your own performance. Training is built off the back of testing to develop your individual characteristics to match the event demands (determinants of success) to what successful performance looks like (for you).   

Choose from a range of training support packages to fit your circumstances and needs. Training is tailored to target development of your exercise response to match success factors for your goal event. The right flow of stress and recovery to maximise adaptations, maintain development and minimise overtraining risk to get you to the start line feeling the best you can. Training includes preparation for the event - deliberate practice, sleep, hydration and fuelling. Plan pace, power and fuelling strategies to fit your event, based on your physiology.

A healthy, happy athlete is a strong athlete. As training load increases fatigue, injury, illness and stress are common. I use Heart Rate Variability and other survey type approaches to track your wellbeing and overall capacity for coping with the combined stresses of training and life. This allows positive action to reduce risks arising from overload, insufficient recovery or low energy availability.

If you train with power, using a STRYD power pod, training profiles and zones will be in provided Watts as well as pace. If you don't have a STRYD pod we can incorporate the purchase into the training plans.


If you are unsure of which approach is right for you please get in touch and we can arrange a free 30min consultation to help.


Train ONE

Train One provides a single plan towards one goal event in the next 3-6mths. 

  • Personalised directly from the testing outcomes. 

  • plan managed, monitored and implemented by you. No further involvement from me. 

  • Strength and mobility included. 

  • Delivered through Azum training platform.

  • 30min call at the start and again prior to goal event.  


One time price: £100​

This can be boosted with the Test2Train package which provides regular testing to track progress and evolve training intensities automatically updated in Azum.



Training Essentials provides ongoing and evolving training and performance support. 

  • Training programme personalised directly from the testing outcomes, in 8-10 week blocks towards a goal event (or events) using the Azum training platform. Evolve across multiple events.

  • Repeat, regular testing aligned to your plan to monitor development and evolve training updated in Azum.

  • Training, subjective fatigue and overall physiological strain monitored using Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) using HRV4Training. 

  • Menstrual cycle tracking alongside HRV response.

  • Fortnightly 1h 1:1 video-call to provide feedback, discuss progress, challenges, and direction.

  • Pre-race strategy (pacing and fuelling) call.


Monthly Fee: £115/mth



Train-IN allows cyclists, runners and triathletes to train in controlled conditions in the lab. Ideal for winter training to get your "quality" sessions done. 

  • Your session can be pre-programmed on the cycle-ergometer or the (research grade) treadmill and off you go. 

  • Professional grade cycle ergometer that can be customised with your pedals, saddle, handlebars and seating position. 


Purchased as packs of sessions, each session lasting 1.5h (total time in the lab)

  • Carnet10 - 10 sessions £250 

  • Carnet20 - 20 sessions £450



Test2Train is a package of support for those who just want to monitor progress through their own training or want to update a single goal training plan purchased through the Train One package. 


Retesting is undertaken every 8-10 weeks depending on your training cycle with a report provided updating your training zones and metabolic profiles to inform and update your plan.


If you are on the Train One package your training zones will be automatically updated in to Azum to make sure that you can maintain the stimulus as you develop.


There would be a 30min call prior to the test, a 30min call following the test but this would not include additional regular contact.


There would be no modification of your training plan. 

Monthly Fee: £50/mth


Training PLUS

A wholly human-centred approach. Training Plus is my premium training support package and builds on the fundamental elements of the Essentials plan with:

  • During fortnightly call, the plan will be updated to take account of life, work and other commitments and your HRV response, life and work schedule. 

  • Anytime contact via message, email etc.


Monthly fee of £160/mth



Train-PB allows runners to train with power using a STRYD footpad.


This can be purchased for testing so that training zones and intensities can be defined in Watts. Wear the Stryd on your shoes in training connected to your GPS watch and be guided in power rather than HR or pace. Especially useful when it is windy or there are hills in your runs to ensure the correct intensity of training. 

Wear for your race and be guided by power. Ensuring appropriate metabolic energy expenditure at the right time to maxine the effective use of your glycogen stores and fuelling. 

Purchase the STRYD outright OR add the cost to a training package for an additional £30/mth with a minimum contract 8mths.


If added to the TrainOne package, the STRYD would need to be purchased outright. 

I have to be honest, I was sceptical at the start that it would make a difference. but andy's approach was the difference this time around. Andy modified the training around my family life and work commitments. he kept me motivated throughout. his race planning gave me the confidence to go out and get a pb in my goal marathon. 

CP, Brighton.

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