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Runners. Cyclists. Triathletes.

No matter your standard, experience, goal or age.

Test to understand your body. Be empowered to train and perform better.


Science-informed, human-centred training and performance support based on you.

Getting training right is part-art, part-science. We are all unique, so our training needs are different - what is appropriate for one, might not work well for the next. It's tough balancing the commitment required to train for endurance events with the rest of your life pressures - i’ve been there, I understand.

Stop training harder with limited improvement and fatigue or injury. Stop feeling like you are lagging behind with your training​. Stop hitting the wall at the end of your event​. Take a different approach. 



I do tests to understand your body's unique response to exercise and to understand your needs with respect to your goals - informing optimal training and performance.  



Training plans that develop and evolve, tailored to you - matching your development needs with the demands of the event you are training for, whilst being mindful of the balance in your life.



A healthy athlete is a strong athlete. As training load increases, fatigue, injury, illness and stress are common. I monitor the impacts of training and life stress and adapt plans to reduce risks arising from overload to keep you strong. 



Get to the start line feeling the best you can and give your yourself the best chance of success. Plan fuel and pace/power for the demands of the event based on your physiology and metabolism.  

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Understand You. Physiological Testing is the gateway to effective training and successful performance. 


Physiological Testing provides knowledge of your unique response to exercise. It is an essential part of a human-centred approach. Enabling individualised, science-informed training and performance support. Empowering endurance athletes to train effectively, and deliver successful performance. Regular testing enables progress tracking, adjustment of training and updating of performance guidance.

Key endurance exercise indicators include body composition, VO2max, economy/efficiency, lactate thresholds, ventilatory thresholds, metabolic steady state, carbohydrate and fat utilisation. 

Your response to running and cycling can be determined through either in-person testing in my high-spec Endurance Project Performance Lab in Brighton, or remotely using (validated) INSCYD performance analysis software.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete you will benefit. Invest in physiological testing to unlock your endurance potential. Find out more. 


Individualised, science-informed and human-centred training support.


No generic training plans. Training support based on your test outcomes. Developing your exercise response to match the demands of your event. Choose from 4 training support packages to fit your circumstances and needs.

Training adapts to your life, and evolves with the right flow of stress and recovery to maintain development and minimise overtraining risk. Getting you to the start line feeling the best you can. Preparation for the event includes deliberate practice, sleep, hydration and fuelling with race planning based on your physiology.

A healthy, happy athlete is a strong athlete. As training load increases fatigue, injury, illness and stress are common so track your wellbeing, and overall capacity for coping with the combined stresses of training and life. This allows positive action to reduce risks arising from overload, insufficient recovery or low energy availability.


Take charge of your performance with training support to suit your needs and fit with your circumstances Find out more. 

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Taking a human-centred approach to coaching and support.


This approach is one that focusses on your needs, goals, and experiences. It recognises that you are unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective.

We will work together to achieve your goals considering you as a whole person, not just an athlete with physical sporting abilities. I work to empower you by building self-awareness, confidence, and self-reliance. 

I believe this approach is beneficial not only to you, but also me as the coach and supporter as it leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling experience. 


Andy Knowles BEng (Hons) MSc

Husband, dad of 2, runner, endurance sport physiologist. I am passionate about endurance running and helping people improve their performance. 


I have completed 15-20 marathon or marathon-plus distance events over the last 10-15 years and many 5km, 10km and half-marathon events. During COVID lockdowns, starting on my 50th birthday I did 50 runs on 50 consecutive days covering 535km raising money for Women's Aid.  

In 2022 I completed MSc Applied Sports Physiology (Distinction) so that I could understand the science behind developing endurance performance. With the Endurance Project, I am combine two of the things that I enjoy the most - endurance sport (running) and helping people get better. I think it's a privilege to be able to help people in this way.

 4 key principles that guide my approach:  

 - Understand and care

 - Do no harm

 - Promote good health and wellbeing

 - Improve performance.

Improving takes hard work and commitment - if you are prepared to do the work, I will provide the right support to help you achieve your goals.


Runner, Brighton

“Andy helped me achieve a new marathon pb, navigating through illness and injury. I needed accountability and I got it. training adapted around my life with work and family. A race plan that got me to 20 miles feeling good. thank you"


MSc, Sports Physiologist

The Endurance Project

Unit 2, Sea Lanes

Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1EN

07932 672965

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  • IG - the_enduranceproject_coach
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